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Saver 2 & Saver 4 Motorhome Hire for Less
Saver 2 & Saver 4 Motorhome Hire for Less
The best deals on 2 & 4 berth campers

When you're picking your next campervan hire, why not save some money when you book? Providing you know how many are tavelling, you can enjoy up to 20% savings on your nightly rental rate when you choose our Saver 2 and Saver 4 options!

Saver 2 & Saver 4 Motorhome hire

Here is how it works... When you book one of our saver options, we'll pick which motorhome you'll get on the day you're picking up! Once we unveil the lucky camper, we'll bring you around the motorhome and demonstrate how everything works so you'll leave the depot with the knowledge of a seasoned camper. 

The Saver 2 is suitable for up to 2 people sleeping and you’ll receive our choice of either a Duo, Duo Plus or Traveller motorhome.  Each of these vehicle types is fully equipped with a kitchen, bathroom, and generous storage, as well as a sleeping area for 2 people.

The Saver 4 is ideal for up to 4 people travelling, and you’ll receive our choice of either a Traveller, Traveller Plus or Voyager motorhome. These fabulous motorhomes are contemporary, stylish, spacious, and fully equipped for a road trip with multiple people and / or multiple pets!

Each motorhome is a modern, apartment style model with a contemporary design, ample space, storage, and comfort in your home on wheels – no matter which vehicle you receive.

The interior layout and sleeping arrangements will vary between each vehicle, which you can eagerly look forward to for when your vehicle is unveiled on the day of pick up. This all ads to the exciting surprise!

Please note that you do not have the option to choose your campervan, its important you book the correct option for the number of people as Saver 2 is suitable for up to 2 people and Saver 4 is for up to 4 people travelling and sleeping.

How to book?

All vehicles come equipped with plenty of home comforts. This includes single or double beds, 2-3 burner gas hob, sink, dining area, shower, toilet, camper heating and electricity. All our motorhome are built to provide bright and airy living spaces  with everything you need for hitting the open road.

So what are you waiting for? With depots across Germany, the UK & Ireland, you can pick up your motorhome and start your adventure. Enter your desired dates in the booking bar at the top of the page and book your dream road trip today!

All rentals require a valid, full category B driver’s license. Please note savings this will vary across the time of year you are renting and across our rental locations.




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