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Top 10 Reasons to Hire A Campervan in Germany

Top 10 Reasons to Hire A Campervan in Germany

It’s easy to see why Germany is the 7th most visited country in the world. With over 25,000 castles, a world-renowned culture and a diverse landscape in the centre of mainland Europe, it’s the perfect place for an adventure that will take you beyond borders and back through history.  From the border of Denmark in the North to Switzerland in the south and everywhere in between, a campervan gives you the freedom to explore this wonderful country at your leisure.  With your home away from home, embark on a German road trip from Apollo Motorhomes in Hamburg, that will take you beyond borders and back through history. If you have never considered a motorhome adventure, or maybe this is your first in Germany, here are our 10 reasons to hire a campervan in Germany: 




1.    Drive the Romantic Road

One of the oldest driving routes in the world, the Romantic Road in Germany follows the old roads of the Roman Empire, a major medieval trading route with all of the charm expected in mainland Europe. Get the camera ready for beautiful vineyards, crystal clear lakes and rolling hills up to the Bavarian Alps along this 460km driving route from Würzburg to Füssen. Expect to find historic walks, medieval walled towns and meteors… Yes. You’ll see the small city of Nördlingen which is built in the round crater of a meteor with the only completely functioning and intact city wall in Germany. 


2.    Lederhosen, Bratwurst and Beer – Oh My!

If you’re looking for a road trip that connects you to German culture and art, then Bavaria is the destination for you. Breath-taking, unique towns and villages across the Bavarian Alps are known for their specialities (ranging from crystal to Brandy) are filled with the local stereotypes of beer drinking, sausage-eating and Lederhosen. The mountainous region’s hiking trails are some of the spectacular main attractions of Bavaria, but don’t miss the world-renowned castles, rural ruins and half-built ramparts best seen off the beaten track.  With your motorhome providing accommodation and travel in one, you can pitch up for the night against the backdrop of these incredible landscapes. The most famous of them all was the inspiration for Walt Disney’s Magic Kingdom Castle – the Neuschwanstein Castle – and is a must if you visit this region. 


3.    There’s an entire route dedicated to Wine… 


We know Germany for its beer (cue sounds of clinking steins) but did you know the oldest wine route is in Germany? Established before WWII in 1935 due to the record harvests of vineyards, the Weinstraße route takes you on a journey along 85km of prime vineyard-covered hills and valleys along the French border. The wine estates and authentic German hamlets are perfect for a picnic or leisurely stop off in your campervan.


4.    A unique opportunity to see six countries at once at Lake Constance

Lake Constance or known locally as Bodensee, is one of the highlights of a campervan road trip. Known globally for its natural splendour, the region provides an eclectic mix of activities and sights for the discerning travellers. The area is steeped in history and is home to Mount Santis, a 2500m peak rising above the lake. Whilst these activities will keep everyone entertained, don’t miss the opportunity to head to the observation deck and be mesmerised by the land below where six separate countries can all be seen from the top of the mountain – Germany, Italy, Switzerland, France, Lichtenstein and Austria.



5.    Visit the centre of Europe (almost)

Centre of the European Union (Source: Gemeinde Westerngrunde)

The geographical centre of Europe is often-disputed due to the many islands and territories that exist beyond the mainland. However, the centre of the European Union is located in the rural Bavarian town of Westerngrund. The town is a proud bastion of this accolade and has several monuments and areas recognising this. One for the road trip bucket list! 


6.    Feel like a Monarch from times gone by along the Castle Road

Heidelberg (Source: Germany.Travel)

We’ve mentioned the fairytale castle of Neuschwanstein in Bavaria, but Germany is famously home to over 25,000 Castles across the length and breadth of the country. The famous Castle Road stretches over 1000km, connecting as many as 70 castles, castle ruins, palaces, and royal residences across Germany and into Czechia (former Czech Republic), spanning several eras. You’re guaranteed to go back in time and stand centre stage in the history of Germany and Europe, scattered with relics belonging to the Roman era, including watchtowers, gates, abbeys, and churches. If you’re keen on seeing even more, there are spectacular castles across neighbouring countries like Poland, The Netherlands and Switzerland.

7.    Bippity Boppity Brothers Grimm

See the towns and villages that inspired the childhood fairy-tales on the Deutsche Maerchenstrasse which literally translates as Fairy-tale Street. At over 600km, the route transports you into the fantasy and magic of the fairytale stories we all know and love. Brothers Grimm are the originators of many of the fairy-tales popularised by Disney including Little Red Riding Hood, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White & Rapunzel. Drive through some of Germany’s most picturesque towns and medieval villages on the Fairytale Route, embedded with the history of the Brothers Grimm alongside the fantasy of the stories they created. See the inspiration for Sleeping Beauty’s Castle or Hansel & Gretel’s house made of candy as you drive the German countryside! Be sure to look out for the witch with the red apple…


 8.    Explore the Black Forest (not as menacing as it sounds!)


As one of the oldest driving routes in Europe, The Black Forest Driving Route is a perfect destination for your RV rental holiday. It is named after the densely populated mountain forest that winds through Baden-Wurttemberg. The route – nestled in the south-west of Germany – is perfect for slow touring and spans 160km cutting through mountains, lakes and riverside towns along the Rhine Valley that are breath-taking displays of natural beauty. 

Dating back to ancient times, there are still remnants of military fortifications dating from the 17th and 18th centuries can be seen in villages across the route. If diving and watersports are your thing, look out for Lakes Titisee and Schluchsee, with the dramatic, winding valley of Höllental providing one of the most memorable approaches along this driving route. 


9.    Baden-Baden (especially in November & December!)


Baden-Baden is a famous and historic spa town on the edge of Germany’s Black Forest. It has hosted royalty, presidents and dictators from across the world in its long history dating back to the Roman Empire. Whilst being an all-year-round destination for your motorhome hire road trip thanks to its array of attractions, hiking trails and historic monuments, it’s the Christmas markets that set it apart. The festive experience is unrivalled across the world with candlelit pathways and an orchestral stage to get you into the festive spirit. Taking place from November to early January, it’s a must see in the snow-capped hills of Germany during the winter. 


10.    A Truly Open Road 

Unlike some of its Southern European neighbours, Germany is a perfectly suited country for motorhome hire. The road networks are world-renowned as some of the best kept and best connected and you’re guaranteed to see hundreds of motorhomers across the country. It’s also a friendly country with most of the population speaking great English, so if you need some advice, it won’t be too far away!


Germany’s location in Europe allows Schengen visa holders and EEA citizens can visit 9 neighbouring European countries without having to worry about border crossings or additional visas. Apollo’s Hamburg depot is just a few hours away from Poland, The Netherlands, Denmark, Switzerland, Belgium and Liechtenstein. Extend your motorhome holiday into different countries, cultures and societies in seconds, an unrivalled opportunity to get a truly European experience.


RV Rental in Germany


Apollo Motorhomes have been providing unforgettable road trips for groups of friends and families across the world since 1985, so you’re in expert hands for your European Motorhome Hire adventure. Our depot in Germany is conveniently located in Hamburg and offers a wide range of 2-6 berth campervans and motorhomes with modern amenities including on-board toilet, shower and kitchen facilities, a full gas canister and unlimited kilometres, so you don’t need to worry about how far you travel.


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