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Pet Friendly RV Rental

Pet Friendly RV Rental

Take your furry friend on limitless exciting road trips! With a pet-friendly motorhome, you can enjoy a holiday with the WHOLE family, without having to deal with the stress and costs of a dog shelter or pet sitter.

Having to leave behind your four-legged companions when you go on summer holidays, can be very stressful for both pets and owners. Pets do not know when (or if) they will be reunited with their owners, and owners often wonder how their pet will fare during the separation. Fortunately, there are pet-friendly holiday options to avoid this. If you rent a campervan or motorhome in Germany and Great Britain with Apollo, you can travel with your beloved pet together.

The inclusion of your furry family members in your holiday plans is relatively simple but requires a little more planning on your part.

See the top tips below for a relaxed motorhome road trip with your favorite pets.

Make sure your pet's vaccinations are up to date

This is a crucial matter of course. Your pet may encounter other animals during their journey, and it is important that it does not return home with an unpleasant illnesses.

Check your pet's ID marks to make sure they are up to date.

Dog tags

You will be travelling, so it won't be much help if you only have your home address up on the arrivals of your animals. Make sure your mobile phone number is on the pet’s ID so that it can be easily returned to you if they get lost.

Find pet-friendly campsites

pet friendly campsites

Do not assume that all campsites are pet friendly. After booking your motorhome in Germany or the UK, the next priority should be to find campsites along your route where pets are welcome. Although many campsites have pet friendly areas, you should also consider places close to beaches or open areas where your pet likes to walk. Familiarise yourself with the campsite's policies and rules for pets. Find out if there are any additional fees for pets.

Pack your pet's favorite things

Ensuring that your pet is comfortable on holiday is the most important thing you can do to ensure a stress-free experience for the whole family. If you have a pet bed at home, bring it with you so that it can still feel like home. Depending on how long you plan to travel, bring their favorite toy or some new toys so they don’t get bored. Keep in mind that your pet is in a new environment and may not understand what's going on, so familiar things will help them feel comfortable.

Pack plenty of dog food

Dog treats

The great thing about a motorhome holiday is you can take as much or as little food as you like. Think about how much food your pet will need for the trip and bring this with you. Remember that unlike us, your dog can't just stop somewhere to grab a bite to eat! Pack some extra snacks or treats – driving can be long for pets, and these can help keep them calm during the trip. Make sure you pack food and water. If you have all your pet's food with you, it's less stressful to look for food on the go, especially if they prefer a particular brand.

Know where the Vets are located

Nobody wants to think that their pet needs to be cared for on holiday. Camping holidays often take place in rural areas where there are not many veterinary clinics. Knowing where to turn with your pet in the unlikely event of an emergency will help resolve the situation.

Plan hikes

Hiking with the pets

Long driving distances in a motorhome or campervan can be difficult for pets, so it is important to plan pit stops on the way. You can guarantee that your dog will be ready for a break at each stop. Make sure you pack the leash and bring some treats to take with you. When you arrive at your campsite, look for trails that are best suited for walking with your pet.

Put your pet's needs first

In some places you visit on your holiday, pets are not allowed. So, there will be times when you must leave your pet in the motorhome for a few hours. Make sure that you provide enough food and water and if it is hot, turn on the air conditioning.

How do I book a pet-friendly motorhome holiday?

A holiday with your pet may require a change in your travel plans. You will have to stop more frequently and clean the motorhome more, but the benefits far outweigh the inconvenience and cost of leaving them behind. If you've never taken your pet on vacation before, now is the time to give it a try. We have updated our website so that you can now add your pet directly at the time of booking without having to contact us first. You will see that pet-friendly options are available for all types of vehicles.

When booking, please select the option for pets under the tab “Add Extras" and the "Services" menu.  Please note that we allow a maximum of 2 dogs per vehicle so that your family has enough space and comfort on board your motorhome.

It couldn't be easier to rent a pet-friendly motorhome from Apollo!

Top tips for a motorhome holiday with your pet

If you've decided to rent a motorhome and take your four-legged friend on vacation, there are a few important things to keep in mind before you start the trip:

-      To ensure the comfort and safety of your pet, don't forget to pack a water bowl, safety dishes, bed, toys, treats and medical supplies.

-      Don't forget to check out the pet policies of your desired campsite - not every campsite allows pets, so find out before you book.

-      The motorhome willbe a new environment for your pet - consider how well socialized they are when meeting new dogs, and whether they can cope with a long stay in the motorhome, especially if you are driving.

-      Be sure to allow time during the trip so that your pet can walk around and go to the bathroom.

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